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  • 3D Pre Made Volume Fans are lighter in weight than a regular synthetic lash. This means that although there are three lashes in one, each 3D lash is virtually weightless. These are knot free at the end.
  • 3D Pre Made Volume Fans are bonded with heat NOT glue.
  • With 3D Pre Made Volume Fans, applying lashes only takes half the time. Meaning that every lash you apply, you get the look of applying three lashes. This triples the lashes in half the time.
  • Suitable for clients who don’t have a lot of natural lashes, for fuller and more dramatic effect.
  • Available in 8-16mm length
  • Length: 9-15mm Mixed Tray (9mm – 2 rows, 10mm – 2 rows, 11mm – 2 rows, 12mm – 2 rows, 13mm – 2 rows, 14mm – 1 row, 15mm – 1 row)
  • C or D Curl
  • 0.15 Thickness
  • For advanced technicians only. Do not use on yourself.
  • We are not responsible for the misuse of the our products.
  • You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.
  • Performance and results of eyelash extensions may vary from person to person.


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